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Stay Healthy and Strong

Personal training is a growing need and trend as individuals want to stay in their homes as they get older. Home modifications are not the only solution; individuals need to maintain their strength, endurance, functional mobility and balance to remain independent.

Older adults and individuals with chronic or progressive conditions (i.e. Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, COPD) require a specialized approach to fitness. We tailor our services from years of experience with a variety of medically complex individuals, understanding how to motivate, educate, and progress strength, balance, endurance and other skills.

Individuals who have a loss in function due to a congenital condition (i.e. Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy) or traumatic injuries (i.e. amputation, stroke, spinal cord or brain injury) also need specialized fitness programs and we strive to offer this service. 

The benefits of physical activity and exercise is widely recognized and includes but is not limited to: 

  • improved mental health and mood

  • increased attention and memory

  • healthy body weight

  • reduced risk for chronic conditions

  • improved sleep

There is no question that staying active contributes to health and well being in numerous ways. We hope to help you on your fitness journey so you can prevent disability or thrive despite disability and getting older. 




Let's get to know you

We will send a pre-visit form for you to complete and then perform an in-person assessment of baseline abilities and function to establish the right exercise plan for you.


Let's get fit

We will develop and perform an exercise program created to provide you the just right challenge to meet your personal goals.

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